Moot Court Competition: March 2007

Each year the competition has improved and expanded, and 2007 was no exception. The Moot Court was held March 9-10, 2007, with Justice Anne Burke, Justice Sue Myerscough, and Justice William Holdridge serving on the final panel, which was held at the State of Illinois Building.

The following individuals also served as judges during this year’s Moot Court proceedings:

  • Brian Bassett
  • Paul Berks
  • Brian Bianco
  • Kathleen Bianco
  • Jeff Ditmar
  • Robert Dow
  • Gary Feinerman
  • Krista Frick
  • James Geis
  • Ben Goldgar
  • Hugh Griffin
  • Eric Hanson
  • Katherine Harris
  • Ryan Henderson
  • Scott Howie
  • Linda Kagan
  • Sandra Kupelian
  • John LaBarbera
  • Ruth Masters
  • Tim McPike
  • William Morgan
  • Rita Novak
  • Steve Omolecki
  • Michael Rothstein
  • John Schmidt
  • Jonathon Schwartz
  • Evan Siegel
  • Marcie Thorp
  • Keely Traux
  • Russ Veldenz

The competition’s winner, the team of Lubna El-Gendi, Lauren Lukoff, and Maren Solberg from Chicago-Kent Law School, also won the award for Best Brief. Southern Illinois University’s Joe Roark won Best Oral Argument. The winning team received a monetary scholarship of $500, and two $250 scholarships for Best Brief and Best Oral Argument were also awarded.

This year the Association waived its entry fee for the competition and expanded the number of schools invited, which resulted in seven teams competing. They were:

  • Team 1: Loyola Law School—Tim Brennan, Blair Russell
  • Team 2: Loyola Law School—Tim Kerrigan, Jackie Helmrick
  • Team 3: University of Illinois (Urbana)—Sangmee Lee, Ryan Sawyer, Alexandra Taylor
  • Team 4: John Marshall—Bradley Bertkau, Lindsey Beukema, Peter Lynch
  • Team 5: SIU—Jennifer Kelly, Greg Odom, Sarah Ward
  • Team 6: SIU—Jamie McCarthy, Joe Roark, Nick Williams
  • Team 7: Chicago Kent—Lubna El-Gendi, Lauren Lukoff, Maren Solberg

Previous Competitions

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Photos by Chris Ocken/Ocken Photography.

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