Moot Court Competition: 2006

Teams competed from Southern Illinois University, Valparaiso, John Marshall, University of Illinois (Urbana), Chicago Kent, and Loyola, according to the 2006 Moot Court Chairman David S. Allen. The Moot Court judges and brief graders were an esteemed group of local judges and lawyers, including:

  • Hon. Nancy Katz
  • Brian C. Bassett
  • Karen Dimond
  • Jeffrey Ditmar
  • Bob Dow
  • Krista Frick
  • Jim Geis
  • Kristen Glasford
  • Hugh Griffin
  • Eric Hanson
  • Katherine Harris
  • Ryan Henderson
  • Scott Hoster
  • Scott Howie
  • Jocelyn P. Jopa
  • Robert Kalnitz
  • John LaBarbara
  • Marty Moltz
  • Carrie Marche
  • Tim McPike
  • William A. Morgan
  • Dave Neumeister
  • Ross Noble
  • Matt Pakula
  • Steve Rehfeldt
  • Mary Roberts
  • Michael I Rothstein
  • Jon Schwartz
  • David Seidman
  • Gregory Slovacek
  • Steve Splitt
  • Marcie Thorp
  • Craig Unrath
  • Russell P. Veldenz


Competition Winner: Lisa Natter/Keith Bergin; Team 2, Loyola University

Best Brief: Elisa Allen/John Brown/Kristopher Piereth; Team 5, John Marshall

Best Oral Argument: Lisa Natter; Team 2, Loyola University

Previous Competitions

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Justice Rita Garman
Kristopher Piereth
Justice Robert Cook
John Brown
Elise Allen
Keith Bergin
Lisa Natter
Lisa Natter, Keith Bergin, and David Allen
Elise Allen, David Allen, K. Piereth, and John Brown
(L) The prizes; (R) Judge Michael Kanne


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