Along with the committees listed below, you can also get to know the ALA officers and board.

Bar Outreach

The Bar Outreach committee collaborates with members of other bar associations to increase awareness of ALA's programming and events and to partner with other bar associations in support of their events.

Adam R. Vaught
(312) 704-3584

Linda Boachie-Ansah
(312) 814-2575

The Brief

The Association’s blog, The Brief, addresses recent rule changes and recent developments in appellate law along with other issues of interest to the appellate practitioner. The blog also includes photographs from and articles describing the Association’s meetings, events and activities. Committee members write the case summaries that appear in each post. The blog is available online at

Carson Griffis
(312) 704-3062

Louis J. Manetti
(312) 704-3000

Charlie Ingrassia

  • John M. Fitzgerald
  • Melody Gaal
  • Kimberly Glasford
  • Katherine A. Grosh
  • Richard Harris
  • Margaret Manetti
  • Nate Nieman
  • Don R. Sampen

Cases Pending

The members of the Illinois Supreme Court Cases Pending Committee compile and synthesize data from the Illinois Supreme Court’s docket to provide ALA members with up-to-date information about current civil, criminal and disciplinary matters before the Court. The CP team publishes a catalogue of all civil, non-capital criminal and contested disciplinary cases pending at the conclusion of each Illinois Supreme Court term—five times each year.

Catherine Basque Weiler, co-chair of ALA Cases Pending Committee
Catherine Basque Weiler
(312) 222-8552

Gretchen Sperry
Gretchen Harris Sperry
(312) 704-3000

  • Leah Bendik
  • Matt Elster
  • Carson Griffis
  • James Grogan
  • Katherine A. Grosh
  • Marron Mahoney

Communications and Publicity Committee

The Communications and Publicity Committee is charged with coordinating the ALA’s messaging to members and non-members, advertising ALA events and functions with various legal publications and on social media, coordinating with the ALA’s web vendor to keep the site current, and building the ALA’s social media presence..

Austin Bartlett
(312) 624-7711

Jonathan B. Amarilio
(312) 836-4042

  • Mari O’Brien Birman
  • Kathryn Kohls
  • Pam Rubeo

First District Luncheon Programming

The First District Luncheon Programming Committee proposes monthly lunch programs for its members and guests in the Chicago area. Past speakers at these luncheons have included sitting and retired reviewing court justices, academics, and practitioners with subjects ranging from nuts and bolts tips for appellate practice to discussions of trends in contemporary appellate jurisprudence. Those attending these luncheon programs are typically eligible for continuing legal education credit.

Karen Kies DeGrand
(312) 422-0910

Clare Quish, co-chair of ALA Cases Pending Committee
Michael Rathsack
(312) 726-5433

  • Mike Rothstein
  • King Poor
  • Karen DeGrand

Guide to Illinois Civil Appellate Procedure

The Committee on the Guide to Illinois Civil Appellate Procedure is responsible for updating the Guide as the courts revise the rules.

Susan M. Horner
Susan M. Horner
(312) 840-7000

Chad M. Clamage
Chad M. Clamage
(312) 819-2961

  • Kass Plain

MCLE Committee

The MCLE Committee coordinates all luncheon and seminars to ensure compliance with rules administered by the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board of the Supreme Court of Illinois.

Karen Dimond, MCLE Coordinator
Karen Dimond
(312) 603-0712

Clare Quish, co-chair of ALA Cases Pending Committee
Matthew D. Elster
(312) 621-1232


The Membership Committee oversees and coordinates the group’s membership by maintaining member participation, performing outreach to cultivate new members, and serving as a point of contact between the group and its individual members. The Committee welcomes feedback and contributions from both new and existing members.

Karen Dimond, MCLE Coordinator
Kass Plain
(312) 433-5033

Jean Agathen
(312) 433-4319

Moot Court

Each year, the Moot Court Committee organizes and hosts the Association’s moot court competition, which attracts law schools nationwide. When creating an original moot court problem, the committee writes a full Record on Appeal, including a complaint, answer, trial court decision, notice of appeal, majority opinion, and dissent. The committee assembles judges for the competition in preliminary, semi-final, and final rounds. Call Scott Howie if you’d like to join the committee, or visit the Moot Court section to find out more.

Scott Howie, co-chair of Moot Court Committee
Scott Howie
(312) 578-7547

Leah M. Bendik
(312) 814-5029

Nancy B. Jack
Nancy Jack
(312) 793-4540

  • Keely Hillison
  • Scott Jacobson
  • Bradley Jarka
  • Mark Wilson
  • Andrew Kwalwaser
  • Catherine Basque Weiler

Past Presidents

Former Presidents remain vitally interested in the ongoing work of the Association. The Past Presidents Committee provides a convenient means to mobilize their collective efforts whenever their help is requested by the current Officers and Board, and for special projects. The Committee also serves as a sounding board when requested.

Michael Reagan, ALA Past Presidents Committee Chair
Michael Reagan
(815) 434-1400

William Hardy, ALA Past Presidents Committee Co-Chair
William Hardy
(217) 528-7375

Roundtables and Brown Bags

The Roundtables and Brown Bags Committee is charged with coordinating the ALA’s roundtable and brown bag luncheons for members and non-members across the State. Luncheons are held in each appellate district to give attendees an opportunity to meet with sitting and retired reviewing court justices. Discussions are held on topics ranging from the fundamentals of appellate practice to prevailing trends in contemporary appellate jurisprudence. Attendees typically receive continuing legal education credit for attending these luncheons.

Seth A. Horvath
Richard C. Harris
(815) 338-5875

Garrett L. Boehm,Jr., co-chair of ALA Rules Committee
Jacob Goldstein
(312) 345-9600


The Rules Committee meets several times a year on an ad hoc basis to review proposed changes to existing rules and new rules of the Illinois Supreme Court, to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, and to the Seventh Circuit’s local rules. After Board consideration, representatives of the committee write to and appear before the Illinois Supreme Court’s Rules Committee to provide the Association’s input on proposed modifications and additions. The Committee also formulates new rules or changes to existing rules to resolve particular ambiguities, issues and problems incurred under existing rules, and submits such proposals to the Board for its consideration.

Seth A. Horvath
Seth A. Horvath
(312) 977-4443

Garrett L. Boehm,Jr., co-chair of ALA Rules Committee
Garrett L. Boehm, Jr.
(312) 984-0279

  • David Lincoln Ader
  • Jonathan Amarilio
  • Garrett L. Boehm, Jr.
  • John Breffeilh
  • Chad M. Clamage
  • Matthew Davison
  • Patrick E. Dwyer III
  • John M. Fitzgerald
  • Paul Freehling
  • Douglas R. Garmager
  • Susan Horner
  • Seth Horvath
  • Scott Jacobson
  • Julie A. Johnson (formerly Neubauer)
  • Stephen M. Komie
  • Jonathan Krieger
  • Justice Bertina E. Lampkin
  • Ginger Odom
  • Ellen O’Rourke
  • Jana Yocom Rine
  • Adrienne River
  • Joshua Sachs
  • Don R. Sampen
  • Mark Sobczak
  • Lawrence Stein
  • Charles M. Woodworth


The Seminars Committee organizes two or three programs a year designed to help attorneys who practice in the Illinois Appellate Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Some seminars are geared for the novice or occasional appellate practitioner, while others are designed for the experienced appellate attorney. The committee also works to insure that seminar participants receive Continuing Legal Education credit.

Richard Chase
Richard D. Chase
(314) 780-9594

Jonathon Loew
Don Sampen
(312) 606-7803

  • Leah Bendik
  • Karen DeGrand
  • retired Justice Richard Goldenhersh
  • Richard Harris


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for developing relationships with interested sponsors to provide them with the benefit of exposure to our membership while also helping financially support the Association and its various events throughout the year. In this role, the Committee is responsible for responding to and soliciting prospective sponsors and for coordinating sponsors with content related Association events and activities. Sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to, the Association's monthly seminars concerning topics impacting the appellate community, its annual National Moot Court Competition, and its guest speaker events involving prominent members of the state and federal judiciary and legal community.

Chad Clamage
(312) 701-8090

Keely Hillison
Keely Hillison
(312) 701-1111


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