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The Appellate Lawyers Association has created a new, more user-friendly discussion forum for sharing information, posing questions to colleagues, and debating the finer points of appellate law in Illinois. The forum is another members-only benefit and requires users to log in with their user name and password.

Since we are totally relaunching this feature, if you were formerly a member of the Topica version of the email discussion list, you must resubscribe to this one because the ALA forum hosted by Topica is being shut down and phased out.

How to Participate in the Forum

You can participate in the Forum in two ways. You can view Forum comments below and post your own comments in response. Or ALA members can subscribe to the discussion forum so that they will receive updates via email on whichever interval they choose (daily, weekly, or immediate in real time) alerting them when posts have been made to the forum.

Once members log in below on this page, you can subscribe to the email feed of this column in one click. The default setting is daily, which means that subscribers will be sent updates daily, assuming that new posts are made in the Forum that day. To change the amil notification preference, log into your member profile, click on Subscriptions and scroll down to the Forum subscriptions section. Email notification preferences can be set to Daily, Weekly or Immediate.

  • Daily—any forum notifications are send once daily, in one email, around 6 a.m. central time.
  • Weekly—all the forum notifications are send in one email, on monday morning around 6 a.m. central time.
  • Immediate—forum notification is sent right away (which could be a few minutes depending on the current server load).

How to Post to the Forum

You can reply to the forum post in two ways:

  • You can post a new comment by clicking on the [New Comment] button. Enter the comment and click on the [Post] button.
  • Or you reply to a particular comment. Click on Reply (top-right corner) in any posted comment and it will “quote” the original comment in your post, which is helpful when the thread of comments gets long.

Users may also Edit / Delete their own comments.

How to Unsubscribe from the Forum

To unsubscribe from the Forum, log in to your member profile and simply remove the corresponding check mark associated with the Forum, and then click the Publish button to save your changes.


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